Dad In Live Interview Tries To Hold It Together When Kids Bust In Unexpectedly

BBC World correspondent Robert E. Kelly was reporting from Busan on the impeachment of the President of South Korea and the crisis that followed, when his young children burst into the room.

Just a few seconds into the interview, an adorable toddler comes trotting into the room and happily plunks herself down next to Kelly. Then, seconds later, a baby comes rolling in on a bouncer.

Just take a moment to absorb everything that’s happening here:

Dad: exasperated, Mom: panic, Toddler: oblivious. This family is all of us.

Mom is a hero though, she slides into the room, grabs both kids and ushers them out in record time. Then, she army-crawls back to the door and closes it almost as silently as she came in.

Someone get that lady a drink.

As for dad, you can tell that he’s just trying to keep the interview going and perhaps even keep from laughing a little.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you’ve got to watch this clip in all its glory:

What do you think? Is this adorable, or should he have held the interview somewhere else?

[Source: Fuse ]