These Kids Grew Up To Be Famous – Can You Name Them?

We see photos of celebrities almost every day, whether in the news, on the covers of magazines or on commercials. People have spotted them walking down the street, buying groceries and ordering ice cream.

Celebrities have some of the most recognizable faces in society today, but would you know who you were looking at if someone handed you a rare, childhood photo?

Scan through the images, can you put a name to this famous face? Answers are below the photo so NO PEEKING.


Baby Adele

Can you name this famous singer? Well rumor has it that it’s actually:


This one might be easier because he was also a famous child actor. Give it a go:


Did you get this one? This child star was big, but is now even bigger as adult. It’s Neil Patrick Harris!

Do you know who this is?

Angelina Jolie
OK Magazine

The clue is all in the lips. It’s Angelina Jolie.

This one made me laugh out loud because he has as much charm as a kid as he does now. That alone should give this one away.

George Clooney

This guy always makes the ladies smile and is of course:

George Clooney

HARD MODE! We’re going to dial up the difficulty now. Are you ready?

Jen An
News Hump

I won’t blame you if you struggle with this one, but I’ll give you a hint before you give up. She has shared a husband with one of the above answers. That’s right…it’s:

Jennifer Aniston!

Like I said these a hard, so here’s a clue off the bat. This bluesy singer from the UK stole everyone’s heart. Here’s her as a child:

Amy Winehouse

When you hear the name you’ll instantly see the resemblance. It’s Amy Winehouse!

Now we’re going way back, but I actually think this last one might be easy. Give it a shot.

Harrison Ford

You can tell by the smirk who it is. It’s Harrison Ford!

How did you do? And do you think these famous people look like themselves?